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Crappy Chronicles

Tirrinee, 05.04.2010 9:59
Katsottu 1174 kertaa

Once upon a time there was this little boy called William. William didn't have friends and his family left him when he was young. This kind of childhood made William quite angry and self-centered. The things he had, he wanted all to himself and himself alone. So William didn't have the money for education and he just drifted among other people. His life was very unstable and he traveled from place to place, trying to seek something that would make his life easy and stabile. One cold winter morning, on his daily drifts, he met another child who was a little lost. Her name was Isabel and she was a little younger than William. They enjoyed each others company and decided to drift together. For the first time in William's life, he felt happiness and joy of just being alive. Spring came and Isabel and William were a bit older and one day when they were sitting on an old wharf on the riverside, they heard a noise. This noise was not very likeable and they both stand up, trying to think where it was coming from. Suddenly the noise turned into a child's weep and it was coming closer. William and Isabel started to run towards the noise. They ran over the hill that was nearby and below, they found a small boy, sitting on grass, crying. William stopped and watched, he didn't know what to do. Isabel walked close to the child and put her hand on the boy's shoulder. Crying stopped and the boy raised his head towards Isabel. His eyes were soppy and and his face was covered with mud. He was in very run-down condition and malnourished. William asked: -What is your name? Boy did not react to William. Isabel smiled to the boy and reached her hand and the boy grabbed it. Slowly, he lifted his head and with a sluggish, rasping voice he said: - My name is Boyd. - Boyd is very nice name, said Isabel. Isabel noticed that Boyd didn't feel comfortable around William. Isabel raised Boyd to her arms and started walking to the wharf. - Let's get you cleaned up. William was moving like in stop motion. He felt angry and jealous. He dragged himself to the wharf and watched nearby Isabel washing Boyd. Boyd stared William with hate and disgust in his eyes. Isabel laid Boyd in the water so she could was his hair, William jumped on Isabel's backbone. William was furious and he was drooling and growling. Isabel started screaming of the pain of her back and Boyd tried to beat William whit his fists. William pressed Isabel to the bottom of the river with the other hand, and choked Boyd with the other. Isabel's painful back and flooding water in her lungs, accelerated her drowning and she didn't have much strength to fight back to William. Boyd on the other hand was weak of the long time he was without food so he was getting tired too. Just when William was getting tired, Isabel's body went limp and Boyd stopped moving bit by bit. When they were both obviously dead, William rise slowly and went to sit down on the wharf. When he started to breathe normally he looked around. He was alone. William inhaled the sweet spring air and thought that now his life really was stabile.



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