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Words undone

Jary, 05.12.2019 11:24
Katsottu 177 kertaa

This is fundamental global schizophrenia all these words imaginations and gloomy hallucinations flowing down from our minds when glowing light is vanishing and darkness hits through our eyes. We see unreal, things are not how they used to be. So is this the path we choose and what happened to the great plans we make and chains we brake. Where is the sun where is the moon which used to light our days. When this day turned into a night and when our time became to a hell. Here now echoes are playing the main role our thoughts are killing our minds painting them black and making us unkind. It feels that I am just a hollow man in this empty shell following tales we have been told blinded by choice we all make. This is chaos this is anarchy which visuals are planted to my eyes. Earth trembles under our feet, sky is gone covered by dark clouds, making us feel as we all are alone and all the words are undone.



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