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Give me a good reason while I am standing in the middle of madness

Jary, 06.12.2019 14:12
Katsottu 177 kertaa

Give me a good reason to face this reality face this brutality. This is how we feel pain this is how we feel joy while we hide under this madness. I am crawling out of from my room trying to get out from the shadows. My mind´s curtains are burning when evil rises from beneath we pray and last words we say. Dark clouds are rising getting higher land is turning darker air is getting thicker. The light is gone just vanishing from our eyes this grey moment absorbs everything, we are about to live in darkness. While our dying thoughts are killing our mind painting black our brightest dreams ripping our bodies apart making souls cold as ice. When minute of salvation is turning hours of hell and egos are playing main role making loneliness last forever turning us hard as stone standing like statues.



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