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False promises with hollow words

Jary, 15.02.2020 10:48
Katsottu 361 kertaa

Why are we voluntarily getting down? And hiding from the light Not able to hear the truth. Why are these hollow words hurting our souls? and we not able to hear through these empty words this just brings us too much sorrow and bloody tears. Again, we see when these clouds are heading down and pressing us on the ground. These lies are ripping us apart when we keep absorbing this poisonous air this is the burden we bear. We are just an army of mindless shadows from the past staying in the middle of chaos without realizing where we are heading we just keep following all these fake leaders blinded under the influence with make-believers. Where is our savior who brings us back to this life? when our mind starts fighting against our lying thoughts and we learn how to read through the lines not believing these fairy tales and false rhymes. Time is changing and we just move within now start your inner war and let´s head with a new begin.



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